Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is not a reasonable amount of greens...

We hit both the Roswell and Alpharetta farmers markets this weekend. I must say, this is the most impressed I've ever been with the Roswell market on a first day. Last year, it was three guys selling cutsey birdhouses and some strawberries that were too ripe. This year, we bought so much food! We bought farm fresh eggs, dinosaur kale, rutabagas, romaine lettuce, strawberries and scallions. We managed to buy a bit from all of our usual farmers and talk to a few new ones as well. Oh and there's now a guy that'll sharpen your knives for you while you shop. I think the Roswell farmers market is finally starting to come together.

We went to the Alpharetta market next to round out our purchases. We got Chinese broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli and mustard greens.

Funny story about the mustard greens. The seller said to us. "Two dollars for a sack full" and held up a recycled, plastic grocery sack. We said "Sure!" We like mustard greens, right? And so he filled up the sack all the way to the handles. Woah! So many greens! And then he pushed down, compressing them to the bottom, and filled the sack again! So yeah, definitely got our money's worth on that. We actually have three different kindss of braising greens in our fridge right now. The mustard greens, the dinosaur kale (rawr!) and some collards we bought last week from a grower in Alpharetta.

The plan is to make caldo verde at least once this week. And I have a great recipe for braising greens that I usually do with collards, but I think will go great with any kind of greens. I have a thought of adding greens to a home made tomato sauce and then poaching eggs in it. That's a trick I discovered a couple weeks ago and it's amazing. But other than that, i am wide open as far as meal ideas go. We have so much fresh produce crammed in the fridge right now, the challenge is to eat it all before it rots.

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