Sunday, November 3, 2013

Supporting North Fulton Community Charities

As the weather gets cold and our thoughts turn to holiday giving, I wanted to take a moment and give attention to North Fulton Community Charities. For 30 years NFCC has supported families in need through out north Fulton. Not only do they run the theft shop on Elkins Road, but they organize a food bank, emergency assistance, winter coat drive and sponsor individual families for holidays. They even have a job assistance program. With federal benefits programs like SNAP being cut recently, needy families are counting more than ever on organizations like NFCC for help.

So what can we do to help? Here at Northside Foods Amalgamated Industries, we are frequent patrons of NFCC. Any time I clean out a closet, I set aside items we don't need anymore to donate to their thrift shop. We also shop there for deals on stuff that can be up cycled, like furniture and clothing.  When we have extra canned goods, they go to the food bank there. It's not much, but a little help is better than none, right?

NFCC anticipates serving over 1300 families in Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and Mountain Park this holiday season. These could be our neighbors, friends or co-workers. You never really know who needs a helping hand in our community. I'm setting a goal for myself of donating a few items every week to NFCC between now and January 1st.

NFCC is just one of many food banks and community assistance programs. Even if you aren't in my neighborhood, please consider supporting them.

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