Saturday, September 7, 2013

Update on Roswell Food Truck Park

I was in San Antonio last week for the annual World Science Fiction Convention ("WorldCon"). Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw the pictures of me eating my way through Texas barbecue and delicious Tex Mex. While I was gone, I apparently caused a ruckus. I love causing a ruckus.

Delicious banh mi knock off from the Pho Sho truck.
So a few weeks ago, I blogged here about how annoyed I was with the seating situation at Don White park when the food trucks are present. Don White has a really nice pavilion with covered seating, but it had been rented out for a private event while I was visiting. My post was read by Joan Durbin at the Roswell Neighbor and passed on to the city. Well, while I was in San Antonio, Joan contacted me to let me know that the city agreed with my article and would be updating their policy to reflect that. Cool!

This is why I love the online world of blogs and forums so much. I can feel connected and contribute to a community while sitting on the couch in my jammies.

Anyways, it's a gorgeous Saturday and I need to go pick up my CSA. The food trucks are at the park this weekend and will be for a few more weeks. You can see the schedule on their Facebook page. Enjoy!

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