Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Northside Food Quoted in Roswell Neighbor

I was pretty excited to hear that this blog was going to be quoted in the Roswell Neighbor today. It's that kind of feedback that makes me happy I've come back to blogging.

Anyways, reporter Joan Durbin quoted parts of my open letter to the City of Roswell about pavilion rentals at Don White park when the food trucks are there. Durbin quite correctly points out that if covered seating is available, folks can still enjoy the food trucks during mildly inclement weather. Roswell is becoming a dining destination of its own and if we can get this food truck thing figured out, it'll only get better. While I kvetch about seating and secretly wish that Yumbii would bring their Korean tacos up here to me, I'm pretty happy that Roswell is encouraging things like this.

Anyways, go read the article and tell us what you think.

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