Saturday, August 10, 2013

Roswell Food Truck Park

Dear City of Roswell,

Recently I've become a big fan of your new food truck park at Don White Park. Don White is a great park, especially since you made all the improvements recently. It's got a great gym playground, volley ball courts, bathrooms, and improved trails. I love having all this within walking distance of my neighborhood. Having the food trucks encourages me to walk over and eat lunch by the river. I've been at the park every weekend since you started having the trucks. It's great!


 I'm also a big fan of the variety. There's been repeats, obviously, but the organizers seem to try to get a different mix every week. It's been great trying all the different foods. And sure, these aren't the best food trucks in Atlanta, but whatever. I live in the 'burbs and I'm eating fast food out of the back of a truck. All things start small and hopefully as the park gains business, more trucks will be encouraged to come.
Spring Rolls from Pho Sho 
 So overall, I'm a fan. I've even liked you on Facebook! There's one thing I'm not excited about though. That pavilion. See, the pavilion is the only covered seating. Today was a rainy day. You, City of Roswell, rented out the pavilion to a family reunion. Now, as I said, Don White is a great park. I'm sure it's a great place for a family party. What's not great is when I'm eating my empanada in the car because it's about to pour down rain and all the covered seats are reserved. Not cool, City. Not cool. And from what I've heard, this isn't the first time it's happened either. So here's another vote for the pavilion being reserved for food truck patrons and let the family reunions hang out at Riverside or East Roswell park.

Sincerely, Northside Food Amalgamated Industries

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