Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mmm....we're having ramen!

So my husband seems to come down with some kind of cross between swine flu and SARS this week. I dunno, I'm not good with dieseases. All I know, is that he's more pathetic and useless than he usually is. So when he got home from work today, and immediately took a two hour nap, I decided to make him one of his favorite foods: Ramen.

Ramen is one of the few highly processed foods that I still bring home. I figure we all need a few vices and ramen isn't that terrible in the grand scheme of things. Yes, sodium wise, it'll kill you if you eat it every day. But as an occasional thing? Not so bad. Also, most of the sodium is the mysterious foil flavor packet, so if you're really worried (and if you are, why are you eating ramen?) you can always adjust.

As terrifying as it sounds, I've actually gone to resturants and ordered ramen. Everyone always looks at me like I've gone insane when I mention this. I mean, sure, I don't think ramen is considered gourmet food even in Japan, but Asian street food is kind of awesome. There used to be a great noodle house on Buford Highway where you could get a giant bowl of freshly made ramen and a side of crispy bottomed goyza for hella cheap. I used to make my husband take me there on dates, back when we were first dating. I've always been a cheap date.

From Northside Food

Anyways, I made ramen for dinner tonight. It's very easy and it always goes over well. I added sliced, hard boiled egg to mine, along with some sauteed turnip greens. I always add veggies to mine, either from a bag in the freezer, leftovers from last night's dinner, or fresh ones I've chopped small. Fresh baby spinach leaves are great stirred into a bowl. So is asparagus, chopped small. I also like to add protein, either in the form of a chopped egg or left over roasted meat. When I was a kid, I used to add chopped up deli meat. I suppose I could still do that, but why?

Adding the additional veggies and protein makes it a bit more of a complete meal and spreads the crazy hit of sodium out a bit. It's still not the healthiest thing I could be eating, but it's sure better than frozen pizza.

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