Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Carrot Tops, but without the 'roid rage.

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Tonight's salad? Tomatoes, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, arugala, swiss chard and ...carrot tops.

GAH!! Not that kind! Not that kind!

I bought my carrots this week from Floyd Keisler at Moss Hill Farms, in Milton. While I was selecting my bunch, Floyd was nice enough to explain some other uses of carrots for me. Not only can you eat the root, like we all know and love, but apparently the stems and leaves are also edible. Chop the leaves up fine and add them to salads. They taste just like carrots. Apparently, the stems also have nutritional value if you decide to chew them, but they are too woody to actually eat. That sounds rather gross to me, so I'm sticking to just the roots and leaves for now.

If you're interested in buying organic produce from Moss Hill Farm, you can find them each Saturday at the Riverside Farmers Market in Roswell. Or you can email him to arrange a pick up at his farm in Milton during the week.

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