Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Deer...

Well, I'm finally back and recovered from DragonCon and I have a backlog of posts to make here. I'll try to address that this week.

The most pressing issue is the garden. The last few weeks its been sorely neglected as I've been back at work and preparing for the convention. I had to move my basil plant to the other side of the driveway, because the tomatoes were killing it. I still think it's doing poorly. The worst is the tomatoes though.

Apparently the deer in our neighborhood have been sampling them. The last few tomatoes have had big bite marks in them, and were thrown out. The tops of the plants have been sheared off. I've been looking up non-chemical solutions to deter the deer and I've found one I think will work: spraying the plants with diluted hot sauce. However, given that its the end of the season and the last tomato I picked was the size of a ping pong ball, I think its not worth the effort. I'll just rip up the plants and let it go fallow for a week or two while I decide if I'm going to plant a fall crop. Or I can concentrate on composting.


Ani Cheval said...

I can attest that cayenne pepper on my plants Definately deters the Niblet Destroyer! It depends on the subject as to whether I mix the powder with water (similar to hot sauce) or if I just sprinkle it right on. One sniff of that potent treatment sends her sneezing and walking the other direction.

Pluto Snares said...

My neighbour had done that with a major deer/rabbit issue, and lately a rabbit family set up home in my cactus garden. I suppose the spikes make them feel protected, no raccoon is going to venture there! Anyway, the rabbits have been trying to eat the cacti.