Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So is 755 Diggs good? I have no idea.

My Cracked article finally ran this weekend.


The comments section is hilarious. My favorite so far? "I thought the writer was absolutely insane reading this article. When it said she was the founder dedicated to the Wheel of Time series, my suspicions where confirmed." I'm not exactly sure what he's saying, but I want to send him a fruit basket.

They did cut it for length, and rewrote some sections for clarity and to punch up the jokes. However, most of what seems to be quoted is all mine baby. Overall, I'm very pleased.

If you like my article, please pass it around. I get bonuses based on traffic.


Betty said...

I thought it was great- really funny and on-point. I half-started an article about sexism in tv commercials, so I feel like this is after my own heart, except that you finished writing it, and it's really awesome.

I sent the link to Jezebel.com, because it seems like the kind of thing they'd pick up. I check it religiously, so I'll let you know if they do link to it.

Again, really good job on the article. It's a nice change of pace.

Betty said...
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Betty said...

I messed up the link in the previous comment-

Check out the second half of the article!

Anonymous said...

I loved that article. Good job! I've always gotten annoyed with those half-assed attempts at political correctness.