Monday, September 8, 2008

Food Diary #1

If you've met me, you've probably heard me mention my weight problem. Now, I'm not orca fat by any means, but I'm definitely over weight. And not just "slightly" either. I have a significant amount of weight I need to lose. So in the interest of helping to keep me honest, I thought I might do a daily food diary here.

My goals are cutting out processed foods and incorporating as many different plant species into my day as possible. I have tried Weight Watchers, the points system makes me crazy. I cannot do low carb. Anything that puts certain foods off limits to me or restricts my intake makes me bonkers. The only thing that works for me is to increase my fruits and vegetables, lower my intake of processed food and "white" carbs, and to exercise. Cursed, cursed exercise.

Anyways, here is what I ate today that was planned:

1 Small Granny Smith apple, sliced with lemon juice
1 Piece of string cheese (leftover from my snack bin at DragonCon)

Morning Snack
1 small box of raisins, not finished.

Vegetarian Black beans over brown rice (Corn, green bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomato and black beans)
Green sald with light ranch dressing (I have no idea what's in my salad mix. I bought a couple bags of it from Hanson Farms at the Alpharetta Farmers Market Saturday)
1 vegetable samosa (a co worker brough these in and I cannot resist)

Afternoon Snack

I should probably point out that today was a staff meeting, which means snacks. I did try to stick to the healthy options. For awhile.

Spinach cream cheese dip with Triscuits.
Plain raw carrots and cucumbers
1 small (like half dollar sized) pinwheel that I grabbed because it had pimento cheese in it. Yum.
Cookies (Dude, they were fresh baked!)

Yeah, I always fall apart at staff meetings. Part of my problem is that the parents bring in these snacks for us as a "thank you for not strangling my miscreant child" gift. So for some reason, I always feel like it gives me permission to indulge. It's reward food. I've gotten better, but it's still very hard for me not to say "I deserve this" when they start wheeling in the cakes.


Roast beef
Roasted sweet and new potatoes
Steamed green beans

Also, today I had a few ounces of "Green Goodness" juice, to hopefully boost my immune sstem. I've come down with a terrible cold and I'd like it to stop now, please. Other than that, I drank only water.

I've been terrible about exercising lately. Once I'm over this cold, I'll start walking through the neighborhood again.

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Maggie ~:) said...

I'm the same way. Anytime I put myself on a Restriction type diet, I set myself up for Epic Fail!

So I cut out processed foods as much as I could and eat a Lot of soup. And I've trained myself to steam brown rice and whatever (usually frozen veggies although if I have extra cash I throw salmon in there too) for lunch at work.

I have a goal of exercising 5 days a week, but generally only make it for 3-4 and that seems to be ok because I'm losing inches again.

Logging my food in FitDay for a couple of weeks helped too. It gave me an idea of where I was calorie-wise and helped me think about adjustments for improvement or for, erm, making up for a "bad girl" day. I've stopped logging my food because I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day pretty much and as long as I do that, I know my limits for dinner.