Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food Diary #2

Today's Breakfast

Leftover roasted potatoes

Morning Snack

Box o' raisins
Small brownie leftover from yesterdays staff meeting...


Leftover green beans, roast beef
Two leftover pinwheels from yesterday

Incidental Snacks

Finished box of raisins from yesterday during my planning
Ate a handful of chex mix from an open bowl while waiting for my lunch to heat up


Leftover roast beef made into quesadillas. I had originally planned to make a pasta dish, but I'm sick and quesadillas are so easy. I do have quite a bit of roast beef left, so that will probably go into a salad tomorrow. Or I can eat more beans and rice at lunch. I've still got some of that lurking in my fridge.

I drank a small glass of orange juice this morning along with an Advil before I went to work. Everything else was water.

I think I did better with the impulse eating today. For some reason, I am ravenously hungry lately. I blame my cold. I'm very tired this week too. I'll get better soon though and hopefully be less "snacky".

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