Thursday, September 11, 2008

Food Diary #3&4

I was sure I had posted this yesterday. I must have not hit "post" before I closed the tab. I was test driving Google Chrome last night and I'm still getting the hang of it.

Anyways, yesterdays food:

Breakfast: Apples and cheese again

Morning snack: Raisins

Lunch: Salad topped with tomatoes, leftover roast beef and light ranch dressing

Afternoon snack: Three of those tiny pinmento cheese and ham pinwheels

Dinner: Enchiladas (stuffed with ground beef, and leftover black beans and rice and topped with cheese and salsa)

Drinks: water

Today's food:

Breakfast: Apples and cheese

Morning snack: Raisins

Lunch: leftover enchilada, green salad, banana

After school: Sigh. I'll just tell you right now, the highlight of my day was someone vomiting all over my classroom. On purpose. So please understand why I gave myself to eat a bunch of chocolate at the staff meeting today, instead of the nice healthy piece of cheese I planned for.

Dinner: Bowtie pasta topped with a homemade meat sauce (ground beef, fresh tomato, fresh parsely, onion, garlic, salt, pinot noir and melted provolone cheese. It tasted oddly of Hamburger Helper) and a bowl of watermelon.

Drinks: Water, except for the glass of pinot I poured myself when I got home.

No one here will be surprised that I didn't have a weight problem before I started teaching, right?

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Pluto Snares said...

To get good grains in, there's some really good granola out there. When I lost my twenty lbs I had to leave potatoes out (my weakness is all things potatoe, mashed, french fries, all of it), and granola was a great craving controller, you can find some with berries and other things in it. Really fantastic stuff. Everything comes down to quanitity, I find.