Monday, July 21, 2008

I am crushed

Last week, the AJC ran a big spread on homemade frozen yogurt. It made me want to try it myself. So I bought blueberries at the farmers market and greek style yogurt at the grocery store yesterday. I dug out my old ice cream maker, which hasn't been touched since before we got married. After our evening stroll through the neighborhood (cut short by the ungodly heat and humidity this week), I came in and started prepping for what I thought would be a tasty treat.

No dice.

My ice cream machine? Missing a paddle. There will be no frozen yogurt for me tonight.

My husband consoled himself with a bowl of chilled watermelon. I threw my blueberries on top of a few scoops of the yogurt.

This was my first experience with greek yogurt. It was much like eating a bowl of sour cream. Very tangy and creamy. There was a little sugar on the blueberries which cut the tang. I understand now why so many recommend eating this type of yogurt with honey drizzled over it.

I know what I'm eating for breakfast this week.

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