Monday, July 21, 2008

Riverside Farmers Market

We finally gave this another shot on Saturday and we weren't disappointed. For less than 20 bucks, we managed to get two pounds of green beans, two jalapeƱos, two jars of home made jelly (watermelon and triple berry) from Emily G and a pint of local blueberries. Tomatoes are out in force right now, with every vendor offering baskets of them, but with our own tomato plot producing so well, why buy them?

There was also a nice variety of fresh herbs, watermelon and early squash for sale. It's taken some time, but the Riverside Farmers Market is finally starting to come into it's own.

We're going to eat some of those green beans tonight sauteed in some leftover sausage grease from Saturday's breakfast. I've been throwing those blueberries in our breakfast cereal, but a good chunk of them are destined to be in a blueberry frozen yogurt tonight. We'll have to go back and buy more next weekend.

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