Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Garden Pictures

I took more pictures of my modest kitchen garden this week. I find the more time I spend outside, the more I like my yard. It has a certain wilderness flair to it. I'm thinking of having it certified as a wildlife habitat, since there seem to be so many critters in it.

I planted some more pots this week. My parents brought me some plants last weekend when they came up for Father's Day. My mom works from home now, so all that time she used to waste sitting in traffic, she now spends gardening and birdwatching. This is what she couldn't plant in her own yard. It's a cherry tomato bush and some peppers. I'm not sure what type, but I am assuming green bell.

Another view of the pots. I have very little plantable space that the Homeowners Association will allow me to use for food. Also? I just don't feel like tilling half my yard. I'm a hobbyist. So any further plantings from me will be in pots.

The tomatoes, they tease me so. I think there's another two weeks or so before they ripen. My husband and I both stare at the plants when we walk past, looking for signs of redness. I'm hoping to be able to eat them by the 4th of July.


Natalie said...

They look great! My tomato plants are still small yet. No tomatos growing. I have hopes they will soon!

Jennifer Liang said...

Well, I live further south than you do. The growing seasons are different.