Friday, June 20, 2008


Now that I blog about food, my husband is much more amenable to trying new restaurants. Jimmy, God bless him, knows what he likes and doesn't like to leave his comfort zone often. But he always supports my projects, and this blog has been no exception. He's always suggesting topics for me to write about, reminding me to take photos and even asking if there's a restaurant I want to visit for the blog.

So today, in the spirit of that, we finally visited Wildflour. Wildflour is a sandwich in the historic section of Roswell. It's only open for lunch and it's sort of tucked away in the back of a rather shabby looking shopping center. They bake their own sandwich rolls there and are rather famous for the Tomato Basil Soup.

Jimmy had a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of potato salad. I had a soup and sandwich combination, with a roasted pork tenderloin sandwich and the tomato basil soup. The best part about both was the fresh baked rolls the sandwiches came on. The bread was dense and yeasty with a good crust. I hadn't realized my sandwich came with mushrooms, so I spent a messy minute or so picking them out of the melted cheese. In my book, mushrooms are of the devil. The soup was good, but not as good as I expected given all the rave reviews of it. Honestly, I like my roasted tomato soup better.

The actual restaurant is very cool, with bright colors and funky art on the walls. You have a gorgeous view of Vickery Creek from the back. There's been lots of talking recently of tearing down this whole shopping center and building a mixed use development. If that happens, I hope they find a new location for this restaurant. It would be a shame to lose those delicious sandwiches.

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