Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last week, we ordered a set of Pyrex containers from amazon. I don't know how it is in your house, but I assume it's like ours. We're constantly buying resealable plastic containers, and losing them. We got a set of Rubbermaid containers for a wedding present five years ago, and have lost everything but one container and two lids. Most of our containers now are of the Gladware variety.

Reusable containers, especially small ones are a big deal for me. I always try to pack a waste free lunch to take to school with me. So if I can't find enough containers to pack my lunch in, I get rather cranky. This is widely considered to be a bad thing.

The Pyrex containers are very pretty. Once I had them out of the box, I realized that they have a slight blue tint to the glass. None of my other Pyrex has this, so I assume it's something new. Even the small ones seem too heavy and bulky to fit in my Vera Bradley lunchbox (Designer lunchboxes? Where did I wrong in life?) I plan to use them mainly at home, to free up the lighter plastic containers for me to tote back and forth. I also like them, because I think my husband will be less likely to look at the dirt containers and say "Screw it." and throw them out rather than clean them out for me.

There's been considerable recently about plastic containers leaching chemicals into food. I'm not one hundred percent sold on that one yet. However, if I can reduce a possible health risk and use a pretty, reusable container, why not?

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