Monday, June 23, 2008

Girls Day Out

Every once in awhile, I need some girl time and my husband decides that he needs guy time. Lucky for us, these urges tend to coincide with our friends' urges for similar time. So every few months, we seem to have a Girl/Guy Day. Saturday was one such occasion.

We started off getting our nails done at the excellent Milady Day Spa on Crossville Road. I got my usual American manicure and pedicure (a more subtle version of the ubiquitous French style nails.) and then we set off for lunch. We had planned to do Sahara across the street, but realized too late they were closed for lunch. The nearby Thai Emerald was also closed. So in desperation, I suggested one of my favorite places: Ceviche.

Ceviche is a family owned taqueria in Historic Roswell. While they do serve their namesake dish, they specialize in margaritas and mojitos. It's a noisy, casual restaurant, with an aesthetic similar to Mexican beach shack. It's sort of an odd fit with the more genteel and traditional decor of the nearby Pastis, or Fickle Pickle. But the food is absolutely fabulous and it's packed every night.

We ordered a pitcher of the pomegranate margaritas for the table (which I think is one of my favorite drinks now), and plain queso to go with our chips and salsa. Their queso is excellent with or without jalapeƱos. I broke my diet for the afternoon, and ordered the chicken chimichanga. This was a corn tortilla stuffed with spicy shredded chicken, beans, then deep fried and smothered with queso. It comes with so so spanish rice and delicious refried beans.

On other visits, when I've tried harder to behave myself, I've had the ceviche salad, which is their shrimp ceviche mixed with a spicy tomato sauce and poured over a bed of greens and chopped avocados. Their soups are also excellent, as are their tacos.

I do recommend going for lunch, not dinner though. At night, the crowds descend eager to sample the tequila menu and enjoy the sports blaring on the TV sets (a soccer game was playing on one of my visits). Service is average. They aren't neglectful, just busy.

This is definitely one of my favorite lunch spots.

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