Monday, May 12, 2014

Roswell Food Truck Park Struggling

The end of the school year is really walloping me hard, but I wanted to pass on this bit of news. The Roswell food truck park, at Don White park has gone on hiatus until Memorial Day weekend. Up until they announced the hiatus, their Facebook page seemed like an endless string of cancellations due to weather or the dreaded "mechanical difficulties." So it's nice that they are taking a bit of time to regroup and wait until the season really starts to heat up in Roswell. But it's also worrisome, as it seems like they are having a hard time building momentum this year.

For me, I'm pretty busy for the next couple weekends, so I couldn't visit the park even if I wanted to. But none of the trucks so far have impressed me and made me say "Yes, I HAVE to try that!", the way the trucks at the Alpharetta Food Truck Alley do. Here's hoping when the trucks return to Roswell, they bring some new tastes with them.

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