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An Insider's Guide to Historic Roswell

Historic Roswell is amazing, especially Canton Street. There's so much to see and do and it just gets more exciting every year. When I first moved to Roswell and discovered Canton street, there were only a handful of shops and restaurants. Now it's becoming a destination dining scene with frequent activities like Alive After 5, First Friday Art Walks, and the upcoming Roswell Beer Festival. It's getting pretty crowded over there. Here's my picks for the best spots in Historic Roswell with a focus on avoiding the crowds.  Soon, you too, can be a smug, suburban hipster like me.


Even the back alleys of Historic Roswell look really cool. 
Parking can be a nightmare on Canton street. There are only a couple public lots and they fill up quickly, no matter the time of day. At night, they become valet only. I always park at the nearby City Hall. It's free, there are 400 spots available, and no one seems to know about it. Yes, it's a tiny walk and it's dark at night. Get over it. It's not that far, even if you are walking all the way to Woodstock road and you are in Roswell, not east Atlanta. It's aggravation free parking.


I really like the bar at the Mill Kitchen & Bar. It's lots of lovely dark wood, excellent crafted cocktails, a large selection of bourbons and good service. I'm kinda meh on the rest of the restaurant, but the bar is a winner. If you are just looking to meet someone for a drink, go here.

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Steak and Eggs Benedict at Little Alley. 


I have a couple picks here. If you are in a rush, or just want something light, check out Roswell Provisions. They serve pastries, coffee, tea and hot chocolate all day. On weekend mornings they have a limited selection of hot items, like breakfast sandwiches. They have limited seating when they are busy, so you might find yourself on a park bench across the street.

For a longer brunch, go next door to Little Alley Steaks. They don't advertise it, but they do a great, not terribly expensive brunch menu on Sundays. It's not well known, so the restaurant isn't as crowded as it usually is and the service is excellent. I reviewed it more completely back in October.

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If you had too much fun the night before and you are getting up late, PURE taqueria on Alpharetta highway is practically empty at 11 am when it first opens and does a latin inspired brunch menu on Sundays. If you like their food, but hate their crowds, this is a good time to visit. Just note that since they aren't a traditional brunch place, they don't serve orange juice or coffee.

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Short rib burger at Artisan Foods
There are so many places to get dinner in Historic Roswell. But if you want something quiet and not busy, hit up Artisan Foods Cafe on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night for their weekly Burger & Beignet special. They do a short rib burger on a soft brioche bun that is amazing, along with ground lamb, turkey, shrimp and vegetarian options. At ten dollars, it's not a cheap burger and sides are extra, but it's very good quality. You'll have the restaurant almost to yourself and as they don't have a liquor license, they allow you to bring your own bottles. Depending on how much you drink with dinner, that might balance your equation a bit.

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