Saturday, September 28, 2013

Party Chic

Picture this: You're nestled at a cozy table on a balcony overlooking Canton street on a busy Friday night. Lots of Roswell ladies wearing their official uniform of white jeans and a coral top are around you. Everything looks warm and inviting with golden street lamps lighting up old brick buildings. Maybe one of the chairs at your table is a porch swing. Maybe the live band on the back patio is covering a Cranberries song that you loved in high school. But you've got your friends with you and a nice cocktail and it's time for a leisurely dinner. Got it? Then you understand why Party Chic is such a popular spot on the weekends.

Prosciutto wrapped melon 
But it's not just weekends when Party Chic is the place to be. I'm frequently here for lunch during my summer vacations, meeting other teacher friends. It's a popular spot for the ladies who lunch, so much so, that it took me a couple years to convince my husband to come with me. But once there, the food sold him and I hear nary a peep from him when I want to go now.

So yes, Party Chic is a little girly. It's owned by the same ladies who own Kelly's Kakes, and is connected with Roswell Provisions downstairs. There are fancy cupcakes and themed martinis and lightly dressed salads. But the food is good and won't break your wallet. If you can convince your guy to go, he'll be hooked.
French dip with spinach salad

It's unfortunate that the night I planned to review it, the kitchen was a little off. My French dip sandwich with spinach salad was served with cold au jus, instead of piping hot like I've come to expect. But my salad is an ample portion of greens, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and dotted with crumbled goat cheese, and segments of orange and strawberry. Our appetizer of prosciutto wrapped melon arrives on the heels of our entrees, with breathless apologies from our server. I only mention this, because this is such an unusual situation. Normally, this place has the kind of spotless, effortless efficiency that you never notice. Our table smiles and laughs it off.

A big part of the attraction is the cocktail menu. I've got a chocolate martini so good, I'm licking the syrup off the glass. If the food isn't pricey, the drinks more than make up for that. My friend is sipping something with Kahlua while she tells me about her class. My husband drinks a Blue Moon and talks to the other guys. A cocktail costs as much as an entree, and so does a fancy cupcake. But the drinks are also pretty strong and well crafted. The cupcakes are huge and big enough to share with a date.

So on a warm fall night, you can find much worse places to meet with friends, but I doubt you'll find better.

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