Sunday, October 17, 2010

Video of the Week: Brokeass Cooking!

I thought I'd start this up again since I've been a slacker lately.

Brokeass Cooking is a video series started by a friend of mine, Mack. In addition to videos, Mack is also a pretty damn funny writer and the inspiration for the title character  in the comedy horror novel John Dies at the End. What I'm trying to say is the dude knows how to entertain.

Brokeass Cooking is an occasional web series that he's been working on for about a month. The recipes are pretty basic, meats, pastas and easy veggies. It's not fancy food and Mack relies more on getting a great deal than sourcing ingredients. The intended audience for this isn't the foodie crowd, it's the brokeass kid just out of college, starting a job and trying to figure out how to feed himself on a budget without resorting to fast food and frozen dinners. It does the trick, explaining basics like grocery store discounts, shopping sales and figuring what to do with it all once you get it home. He also encourages experimentation and playing with ingredients. I hope Mack decides to continue the series, because I think there's an audience for stuff like this. Too many people these days view cooking as too hard or expensive and this series helps demystify some of that.

Where I think the series can improve is technique. Mack is pretty much a self taught cook and it shows. But that's a minor quibble on the overall strength of the concept and it's execution.

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