Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Taste of Roswell, Elijay Apple Festival, Cumming Greek Festival and a New Farmers Market

I need to make a real post here over the weekend, but I thought I'd update quickly with some fun Northside food events this week.

First up is the annual "A Taste of Roswell." I will probably not make it to this, but I do love it. It starts at noon on Saturday in the historic square. Its fun and the food is delicious, but it's always ridiculously crowded. Still, its a great way to sample lots of local restaurants pretty quickly.

The Elijay Apple Festival has it's final weekend. This is a pretty fun mountain crafts festival with an apple theme. The snacks are pretty good too. They do sell plenty of apples and apple themed snacks.  I usually go, but I have to skip this weekend.

The Cumming Greek Festival is going on as well. This is far smaller and less crazy than the better known Atlanta Greek Festival that just passed. The food is every bit as good and there's no need to stab someone's grandma to get to it.  Give it a shot if you're in the neighborhood.

Finally, my crippling disappointment at the Riverside Market here in Roswell closing early has subsided. Thanks to a hot tip from a user named "Haagen Daaz" over at the 285Foodies community, I found where some of my favorite vendors had migrated to. They are setting up shop at the brand new "Stewards of the Earth" market which will be located at the intersection of Roswell RD and Morgan Falls in Sandy Springs. The hours are 9AM to noon. No word yet on how many vendors will be there, or what kinds, but the word is a good chunk of the farmers from Roswell's market that still had something to bring to market are migrating there. The new market plans to stay open through the winter.

Sounds like a busy weekend. Too bad I'm studying for a test for most of it. =(

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Drew Kleinhans said...

Always happy to deliver good news, Northside! Hopefully that market will pick up strength and we'll have a nearby Saturday market through the fall & winter.

- Drew (aka HaagenDazs...)