Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Week of Soup

Yesterday, my husband and I were chatting about dinner plans, and whether we needed to go grocery shopping for the week. We somehow have ended up with an ungodly amount of food in our house, even without hosting any holidays this year. We're also feeling a little bloated after all the holiday cookies and pies. So soup! We will eat soup this week. Lovely, low fat, vegetable laden soup.

And as we are talking, I'm envisioning a great blogging experience for me. I shall make a week of soup! And there will be no repeats! And it will be awesome! Five nights of soup, since we go out on Saturday. Well, four really, because I seldom cook on Friday too. Oh, Thursday is New Years Eve? Well, I don't need to make dinner that night either. Three. Three nights of soup.


Soup #1: Turkey Veggie

We have an enormous smoked turkey taking up half our fridge right now. It needs to be eaten. So, soup! I made an easy soup of chopped carrots, onions, smoked turkey, yellow squash and potatoes in packaged chicken broth. Light, filling, and it used up a good portion of what I had on hand. I served it with fresh baked dinner rolls from my Joy of Cooking.

Soup #2: Turkey Tortilla Soup

I usually make chicken tortilla soup using chicken thighs. I sear the thighs in bacon grease or oil and then poach in water with onions, garlic and celery. After they are cooked, I set them aside to cool, then add chicken broth, canned tomatoes, rice, and carrots and chili powder. Let that cook, then add chopped jalapeno and the shredded chicken. I serve this with tortilla chips.

Soup #3: Spanish Chickpea Soup

I think by Wednesday, I will have had enough of smoked turkey. So something different. This is a new recipe and we're dying to try it. I shall post it later if we like it.

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Craig said...

We love your sense of humor--- the soup recipes look great too!