Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Not Chili, Alright

Oddly enough, most of the arguments between me and my husband seem to center around food. Our first one was over chili. See, I married a Texan. Sure, he's Chinese, but that's just on the outside. Inside, he's a Texan. He cheers for the Cowboys and the Longhorns. He says "y'all". And he has firm ideas on chili.

To me, raised in the mid-west, chili is ground beef, onions, and kidney beans in a tomato broth. It's mild and you top it with sour cream and cheese. To my husband, chili is chunks of beef in a spicy red sauce. He likes his four alarm. I like mine no alarm. He's come along way so far as allowing beans in his chili and adding his own hot sauce. But there is one thing he will not allow: Vegetarian Chili.

So when I saw this great Veggie Chili recipe on Chow last night, that just happens to use up some old produce in my fridge, I knew I was in for a fight. And I was right. He moped around, claiming he's a carnivore, not an omnivore. That he just ran a 5K and needs protein to rebuild his muscles. And then, he finally admitted that chili without meat just isn't chili.

"What if I make a Spicy Vegetable Stew instead?"

"I think that will be okay."


It's Not Chili

(Adapted from Chow recipe linked above. Apologies again for not measuring anything.)

Green Bell Pepper, chopped
Carrots, chopped
Celery, chopped
Onion, chopped
Chili powder
Cocoa powder
Canned Tomatoes
Bottle of Beer (I used New Moon, because it was there)
Kidney beans
Yellow Squash, sliced

Melt about a tablespoon of bacon grease in bottom of pan (Like I said, not vegetarian chili anymore). Add chopped bell pepper, onion, carrot and celery. When onions are soft, add chili powder, cumin and cocoa powder. Add can of tomatoes, chopped garlic, a half cup of rice or so, and a tomato can of water. Simmer together for about ten minutes. Add beer and kidney beans. Simmer for another ten, check salt, etc. Add yellow squash, cook until tender. Top with chopped parsley and chopped green onion. (Like I said, I'm cleaning out my fridge here.)


Valorian said...

"New Moon" beer? Maybe you should call it "Twilight Chili"?

Corky said...

I agree with your husband. What you made is not chili. You can call it whatever you want, soup or stew, but, it's not chili. If you must use beans, then only use pintos.