Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why can't every day be a vacation?

In my readings today, I found this old article from the AJC on buying a second home in Serenbe. Serenbe, for those of you from out of town, is a sustainable community developed just south of Atlanta. The community is centered around an organic farm, that feeds the residents and the excess is sold off at area farmers markets. It's a model community in many ways.

So here's my question: Why is this a vacation spot?

A very good critique of the farm to table movement is that it's elitest. "Oh sure, it's easy to have an organice vegetable garden, Mrs. Obama. You have an army of gardeners to take care of it for you." That kind of thing. And sure, good fresh food and living sustainably takes a bit more thought, planning and effort than just microwaving yourself a corndog for dinner, but not so much that it should be considered an occasional effort.

There's just something about the idea of buying a second home in a sustainable community that strikes me as Just Not Getting It.

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