Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ingredients Matter

One of the things that's so easy to forget, is that ingredients matter. I mean, sure, it's really easy to open a box, add water, then stir and call it dinner. And if you're mindlessly wolfing down food while watching TV, or driving, I suppose that's alright. I prefer to taste my food though.

Even though I know ingredients matter, I still have meals that remind me of it rather forcefully. Last night, for dinner, we had BLTs. Very simple, very basic, nothing to get excited over, right? But made with freshly baked bread from Artisan Foods, fresh salad greens and tomatoes from the Roswell and Alpharetta Farmer's Markets, and a good quality swiss cheese from Trader Joe's, it's more than just a sandwich, it's a dinner worth blogging about.

So ingredients DO matter.

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