Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hear! Hear!

I also beg to differ with the premise that a healthy cookie is "an untenable paradox." Who said that cookies are inherently unhealthy, anyway? I think folks should re-examine what "healthy" is. Is a low-fat cookie packed with sugar and hydrogenated fat better for you than a gingersnap made with butter and freshly ground spices? For that matter, I don't think a sweet treat made with real butter, eggs, and chocolate is all that bad for you. People should be selective about what they eat and go for quality over quantity, which is ultimately more satisfying.

--David Leibovitz

Slate is hosting a conversation between several food writers this month on the state of the modern cookie. That quote is a snippet of the conversation posted on Monday. I absolutely agree with his sentiments. I do tons of baking. We always have fresh baked cookies, or bread, or cake around. Ever since I switched to real butter and real sugar in my baking, I've been losing weight and feeling healthier. Granted, I've been doing better portion control this year too, but isn't it easier to say "I've had enough" when the smaller treat satisfies your taste buds?

Enjoy food. Stop avoiding it.

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