Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well, I finally decided...

I'm skipping the Taste of Roswell this weekend. I'll be at the Elijay Apple Festival Saturday and the Cumming Greek Festival on Sunday.

I know everyone was breathlessly awaiting this decision.

In other news, we finally finished off the collard greens for dinner tonight. The recipe I used came from someone I know on a forum. It's very simple and made some of the tastiest greens you can imagine.

A couple slices of bacon
Chopped onion
Chicken broth

Fry the bacon in a pan with a lid. Throw in your onions. Add greens, then enough chicken broth to cover. Cover with lid, then simmer until greens are tender. The bacon adds great flavor to the greens.

I served it alongside fried potatoes. My husband was iffy about a meal without a big, meaty centerpiece, but even he admitted that it was very filling.

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Charles said...

Instead of bacon, try using some country ham or a smoked ham hock. Now that will make a good pot of greens.