Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too many greens!

Collard greens have come in down here. We bought a bundle of them at the Riverside Farmers Market yesterday. For those of you that are unfamiliar with collards in their natural state (Don't feel bad, I had to ask what they were. I've only ever bought them pre washed and chopped in a bag at Publix.) they are BIG. The bundle that I bought is as long as my arm from shoulder to fingertip and as thick around as one of my legs. And that was a small bundle, only two plants worth of stalks.

So we will be eating collards this week.

Today was classic collard greens, the ones most everyone thinks of. I chopped the stalks, leaves and all into 1-2 inch strips. Those went into my biggest pot, along with an onion, a ham hock and enough salted water to cover it. That was simmered until the greens were nice and tender. It made enough for dinner, along with porkchops and a quick beer bread recipe I've been dying to try, and there's enough for my lunch tomorrow as well.

Unfortunately, that used up only a quarter or so of what's in my fridge.

I'm looking at recipes now for caldo verde, a Portuguese soup of greens and mashed potatoes. I've also found recipes for stir fry.

Thank god we both like collards.


martyparty said...

Hey, please blog any other recipes you try that work out. I want my family to eat more greens, but we don't really like them cooked the classic way.

Maggie ~:) said...

oooh, let us know how the Portugese soup turns out! That sounds really interesting.