Sunday, June 1, 2008

Look! Look! Look!

I've posted so many reviews lately, I'm now ranked number TWO at Urbanspoon! That ranking is based on traffic referred from that site. That's very cool!


Anonymous said...

That is totally awesome, ababy! Soon, no one will be able to have an opinion on food without your approval.

What a sweet day that shall be.


Jennifer Liang said...

And someday soon, no one will be able to put bleach on their junk without YOUR approval. That day will be disturbing.

Nivekic said...

Hi Jennifer,

If you like UrbanSpoons, you might like too. It just launched!

Anonymous said...

Hey-- I talked to that chef I mentioned earlier, and he said that he'd recommend anything by Rodale for some books on organic gardening. I looked it up on Amazon, and the first result was this. Might be interesting to check out if you haven't already. I hope your garden is going well, and good job on the urban spoon rank.

Jennifer Liang said...

Thanks EE. Next time I hit the bookstore, I'll look for that.