Tuesday, December 23, 2014

So I've been nominated for an award...

Chow.com is doing their annual awards and I was nominated for "Best Blogger". Let me explain.

This is not better than Smitten Kitchen.
See, I was browsing Chow a few weeks ago for recipes and ideas to try and I saw they were taking nominations for various categories of awards. One of them was for blogs. The rules said you could nominate yourself, as long as you were honest and said that's what you were doing. So I said, "What the hell?" and put myself down. I figured they get so many nominations for more popular blogs that mine would get pushed out and nothing would come of it. That did not happen. It looks as if they received very few nominations, so I didn't get filtered out as I anticipated. I am sitting there on the nomination list next to blogs written by professional chefs and people who I have bought cookbooks from. I didn't even know this until yesterday when I was browsing for recipes again and realized voting started a week ago.

So, while I really have no chance of winning this, I'd like my last place to be a respectable one. If you've got a minute between now and January 2, please head over to Chow and vote for me.

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Kelly Shea said...

Congrats! http://chezsheakzs.tumblr.com/post/107701582966/congratulations-to-northside-food