Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Decimated Grocery Store

It's hard to believe that just a couple days ago, Atlanta was frozen in place. Other than my roads being a little extra grave-ly this weekend and the odd piece of stray cardboard left by the roadside, there's not many visible signs of last week's snowpocalypse. So imagine my surprise when I ran into the Publix on Old Alabama yesterday morning for a quick errand and saw the shelves were still empty. Those who could had raided the grocery store shelves for supplies before holing up for the next three days. Here are some pictures I snapped while I was there.

Frozen pizzas seem pretty popular. 

Fancy breads were wiped out, but the regular kind was still full. Either they had stocked the bread aisle before we got there, or I live in a classy neighborhood. The stock boy was filling the soup aisle with cans as fast as he could yesterday, so who knows what else got bought out.

Shredded cheese? My guess is lots of chili was made during the snowpocalypse.

Yogurt and butter were pretty popular, along with canned cinnamon rolls and biscuits. 

Breakfast meats were almost all gone. Everyone planned to make a hearty breakfast after the storm. 

And every kind of meat was gone. 

In case you were wondering what we ate, Tuesday night was frozen potstickers. Wednesday morning was steel cut oats and quinoa and we had Chicken and Biscuits that night. Thursday was eggs and oven roasted potatoes, with Kale and Sausage soup for dinner. Lunches both days were leftovers. Things had thawed enough by Friday that I went out for both lunch and dinner. We had supplies to make tofu and broccoli for another meal, and I had one of the pineapple upside down cakes I've been playing with recently for dessert. Clearly, you need to be snowed in with me next time. 

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