Friday, July 22, 2011

What I'm Reading

I'm trying a new thing for the blog. My Google Reader is crammed full of interesting articles about food, local or otherwise. I've often thought about doing a weekly round up of articles I've read here, but its too easy for me to forget what I've read by the end of the week. Finally, I've found a solution: Facebook.

I've made a Facebook fan page for Northside Food. Every day, I share a couple links to articles focused on the local restaurants, seasonal produce and other related items. If you like the things I've written about here, it's pretty likely you'll be interested in what I share over there. And every week, I'll round up the best of those links and post them here for those who prefer that. We'll experiment with this and see how we like it.

This week on Northside Food, we've got a recipe for blueberry butter, as well as simple instructions for freezing your extra blueberries.

FIGO has a deal for free meatballs. You can read my review of FIGO from 2009 here.

To get these as I find them, along with more great recipes, articles, reviews and more, be sure to "like" Northside Food on Facebook.

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