Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am of the opinion...

That when I bring my own bags to a grocery store, I should get a discount. Not a huge discount. No more than the cost of the bags they would have used to bag my groceries. But I'm saving them money when I bring my own bags, in addition to making less waste. And I'd like to be rewarded for my extra efforts. I'm always seeing people say that we should let market forces find us the best solution to our problems. So why not a monetary incentive to bring your own bags?

Some stores already have incentives in place. IKEA started charging for bags a few years ago. Trader Joes puts your name in a drawing for free groceries. Even more recently, Whole Foods stopped offering thin plastic bags and now only provides reusable bags you buy at the check out line. I still do the majority of my grocery shopping at Publix, but I'd like to see them shave a few cents off my grocery bill for bringing my own bags each week.

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