Monday, May 25, 2009

Northside Farmer's Markets Up and Running

The Roswell and Alpharetta Farmer's Markets have been up and running now for a couple weeks. I have pictures of both, but I can't find the USB cable that goes with my camera, so you'll have to wait to see to them.

The Alpharetta market has been open for about a month now, and has plenty of produce available. Not all the vendors I recall from last summer are there yet, but a good many are. It's not all locally produced, but it's fresh and great quality. I've also picked up some local honey and some very tasty jams.

The Roswell Market is more of a growers market, and therin lies the problem with it. The growers aren't there yet. I've managed to buy fresh strawberries two weeks in a row, and fresh herbs, but there's really nothing else available, produce wise. There are some adorable arts and crafts though, and Emily G's Jam of Love is there every weekend. If last year's pattern holds, it'll be like this until later in the season, when the real harvest season starts.

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