Monday, December 8, 2008

First bread!

As I mentioned yesterday, I got the cookbook Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for my birthday. I'm playing with recipes. I apologize for the quality of the photos. My camera is giving me some sort of Blue Screen of Death, so I'm forced to use my phone.

Haven't tasted it yet, as it needs to cool first, but it sure was easy enough. Here is a picture of my dough, fresh from the fridge:

You can see the corner where I removed a bit to make tonight's dinner loaf.

Their instructions recommend letting it rise on a pizza peel, then transferring it to a baking stone inside a very hot oven for cooking. I have neither of those things, so I just let it rise on a cookie sheet, covered with my silicon baking mat. I do think I will invest in those bread baking tools if I find I like this process. (Psst. An unglazed terracotta tile and a large wooden cutting board will easily take the place of those high falutin' gadgets. And they cost considerably less. )

The finished product. The top was slashed with a serrated knife to help it expand during cooking. The crust isn't as pretty as I'd like, but I think that's because I didn't do one of the steps correctly. You're supposed to put an empty pan in the bottom of your oven while it heats. When the bread goes in, you add a cup of water to that pan and shut the door. The steam helps build that beautiful, glossy, crackling crust every one ooohs and ahhs over. I put the pan and water in at the same time and then kept opening the door to peek. So I don't think it got much steam action. Oh well. Next time.

Last night while poking around, I find a great video by the authors of the book. They are showing their method off on a TV morning show. It gives a pretty good idea of how it works.

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Jafael said...

You KNOW I'm all kinds of excited about this!!! I MUST HAVE this book!