Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost there...

My real camera is well and truly borked. Hopefully, I can still pull off all the pictures I've taken recently. So until I get a new one, you are stuck with phone pictures like the one to your right.

As you can see, my fridge is overflowing tonight with food. In fact, it's so full, we thought that was the reason it wouldn't close yesterday. No dice. It appears our gasket (that rubbery strip around the edge of the door) has lost whatever ever mojo that makes it work. So stepping heavily near it, slamming the freezer door, looking at it cross eyed, all these things cause it to swing open slightly.

Inside, washed out by the fridge light, you can see our turkey. All 17 pounds of it. A baby, I know, by most standards. But I'm only feeding seven tomorrow. I pre-made the cornbread stuffing and the spinach salad. I've also pre-made the brie with apricots appetizer. There's two containers of cranberry-orange relish hiding behind a casserole dish somewhere. I wanted to make the biscuit dough ahead too, but I think I ran out of room in my fridge for it. Oh well. Biscuits only take me a minute to prepare.

Still left...

-Making the green bean casserole
-Chopping and roasting the mixed potatoes
- Adding the rest of the ingredients to the salad.
-Chopping and roasting the broccoli
-Roasting the turkey

When I know I have a big cooking and entertaining day ahead of me, I like to make as much as possible ahead of time. It makes less stress on me and makes my poor ADHD addled brain less likely forget to make something. I also have a master list written on notebook paper of everything I plan to do tomorow. I'll have to share my party planning list making system in a future post. But not tonight. Tonight I have to finish cleaning the bathrooms.

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