Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Foodsplosion Is Coming

Next weekend is what I'm tentatively calling "The Foodsplosion". In layman's terms, I am overbooked on foodie events.

First up, I'm going to the Elijay Apple Festival for the first time. I've always wanted to go, and I recently discovered my eating buddy, Diane, has a similar desire. So we're going to go, and pig out on apples and apple derived products. Admission is $5 for adults and the festival is going on this weekend as well, if anyone wants to do an impulsive drive to the mountains tomorow.

I'm also committed to the Cumming Greek Festival, which is the smaller, less crowded baby sister of the Atlanta Greek Festival. I will have roasted lamb at this one, or there will be death.

And right here in my own back yard, A Taste of Roswell is happening next Saturday. Admission is free and food tickets cost 50 cents each. There's always a great selection of participating restaurants. We've found a few of our favorites this way.

I will be attending at least one of these events next weekend and live photo blogging it via my mobile. It'll either be super awesome or supper annoying for you.

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Chloe said...

Hi J -- let me know how your trip to the Apple Festival goes. I was sorely disappointed the last 2 years I went. For an Apple Festival -- there weren't any apples at all!!! I did like the fried apple pies. I think the Duluth Fall Festival is the best Fall Festivals around. So well organized.