Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wait. What?

So when I started food blogging, I also went around and joined a couple food related forums. I figured I need to be involved in the community if I'm going to convince someone to read me.

On one of these forums, we've been having a healthy discussion this week regarding one of my favorite restaurants. I adore this place. I've taken friends and family there when I wanted to impress them. I'm considering taking a VIP guest there at an event I'm running next spring. I consider this place to be a jewel of the Northside food scene. However, several people on this forum have reported the exact opposite experience I have.

No, I'm deliberately not mentioning specifics, because I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not trying to rile up a crowd to go over there, storm the forums and MAKE everyone love this food. This just baffles me. I've never encountered anyone that disliked this place before and their descriptions are so different that what I have experienced that I actually wondered for half a moment if we were discussing the same restaurant.

So, in liue of a real update, because I'm swamped with work from the job that pays me right now, I put this question to you, dear readers. Have you ever loved a resturant that everyone else hated? Or hated something everyone else loved?

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Maggie ~:) said...

I have this friend who SWEARS by a certain diner in my area. He is the Only person I know who likes the place and he absolutely despises the diner that everyone else likes instead.

I think it's all relative. And for what it's worth, All great restaurants can hire bad staff or have a bad run from time to time. One bad server or one bad cook can ruin the Whole Balance of a diner's experience. Thankfully, both of those types of jobs also have a high rate of turnover, so bad apples generally don't last long.