Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vote vote vote like a baby stoat!

The AJC is doing their annual "Best of the Big A" poll. I'll let you roll your eyes over that name later.

Two Northside resturants are in the running. First up is Veranda in the catergory of "Best Outdoor Dining". Of course I voted for it, since weekend tapas lunches on their outdoor patio have quickly become one of my favorite things. You can vote in this catergory HERE.

Our second contestant is The Swallow in the Hollow, in the catergory of "Best BBQ". I don't expect it to win against competitors like Fox Brothers, or Fat Matt's. But we can at least beat Shane's right? RIGHT?? Everybody but my husband (who nearly got slapped this weekend when he said he liked Shane's better than Swallow) is allowed to vote HERE.

Finally, in the catergory of "Best Breakfast" we have J. Christopher's. Alright, so this is a chain. But it's a LOCAL chain. Plus, the Roswell location is the original town general store, in the historic district. And it's reputed to be haunted by Micheal and Catherine, two Civil War era ghosts. I sincerely doubt the Ritz-Carlton offers you a free creepy encounter in the women's restroom with every meal. Wait. That came out wrong. Anyways, you can vote for it HERE if you are so inclined.

You can see the rest of the catergories HERE. Voting is closed on Monday, so get the vote out!

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