Friday, September 19, 2008


I got a new phone yesterday. I have much excitement. While I know camera phones are old hat to most of you, for the last few years, I've been without. See, I hate cell phones. I got my first one under protest, because my husband was worried about me working downtown and wanted me to be able to call if I got in trouble. Never mind that I had been living, working and going to school downtown for several years before we got married, without a life threatening incident. He worries a bit much is all I'm saying.

Anyways, we ditched the landline a few years ago to cut down on bills, so my mobile is pretty much the only way to call me. Since I have no love for phones, I always got which ever one came free with my plan. They were flimsy, featureless things, but I could use it like a phone and I was happy.

I've learned though, that I am TOUGH on equipment. My first phone, true story, died when I somehow melted a bunch of chocolate inside it. The one I just ditched, didn't work for six weeks after I accidentally poured half a liter of water in it. So this time, instead of getting the cheap ass phone, I "splurged" and got myself the "tough phone", which is shock resistant and water resistant. I spent a few minutes playing with it last night, and really is a very sturdy thing. I also get FEATURES, which I've never had before. I can do ring tones now and I have a camera. I did want a music player (I am the only person I know without some sort of iPod, even my parents have them), but I suppose that'll be the next generation.

Anyways, this is just my roundabout way of telling you to expect many grainy pictures of where I'm eating from now on. I'm slightly embarrassed to whip out my camera (which is sort of bulky and obvious) in a resturant, but I feel I can be more discreet with the phone. We'll see.

Let's kick this off with some pictures from Land of a Thousand Hills coffee shop in Roswell!

Here's the hot chocolate I ordered tonight. It was delicious. I love the rose pattern. They don't do this at Starbucks.

Diane also ordered a hot chocolate. At first she thought it wasn't decorated, but I pointed out hers was actually haunted by a spooky ghost. Cute, right?

I forget who ordered this, or what it was. It's coffee, alright? You drink it. A portion of the proceeds from this particular cup go to charities rebuilding Ruwanda. It's all fair trade coffee. Oh, and the pastries all come from LuLu's bakery in Alpharetta, which is amazing.

Well, that's all I have the patience for now. I've nearly thrown my phone at the wall three times (testing it's indestructible nature!) trying to get the damn pictures off and into this blog. More later, of course.

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