Sunday, August 10, 2008

You may have noticed my absence recently...

School starts tomorrow, which means I've gone back to work. I've had a full week of pre-planning and Open House, and classes start tomorrow. I always get a little thrown by going back to school. I have to readjust my sleep patterns and eating habits to "normal" and so I tend to disappear from the internet for a week or two when ever this happens.

But I have piles of email to attend to before I can think about updating here this week. So instead, I'll link you to an awesome blog I found this morning via my Google Reader suggestions. It's called "Grocery Cart Challenge". It's written by a mom with four kids and a husband that she feeds on an average of $50 per week. Insane right? But she pulls it off each week somehow. Her blog is chock full of shopping tips, recipes, menu planning ideas, and household advice. Definitely check her out.

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