Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally! A CSA...oh wait...

A few weeks ago, I finally found a Community Supported Agriculture box we could subscribe to. Laurie and Will from Moore Family Farms in Alabama collect products from around Georgia, Tennesee and Alabama, then redistribute them at various metro Atlanta drop off points. It seems like a pretty slick operation, actually. They offer both "Farmer's Pick" standardized produce boxes, as well as an option to create your own custom order. They also allow you to order weekly, rather than a yearly subscription, and list that week's produce on their site. It's very customer friendly.

They canceled their Alpharetta drop off point shortly after I discovered them and before I could try them, but according to their website they'll have a new one soon. This seems more like custom ordered groceries than a true CSA, but I'm not going to argue with it. Why can't locally produced food be just as convenient as shopping at Publix?

Again, I haven't personally tried this service, so I can't recommend it. Not just because of the lack of neighborhood pick up, but because we're getting great produce from the local farmer's markets right now. Does anyone out there have experience to share?


Chloe said...

I've been with Moore Family Farms for two years now. I love that they allow you to customize your weekly "loot". Plus, they have other items available such as herbs, flowers, bread, etc. I love it!

Ryan said...

I've been using them for close to a year and they're wonderful. I really like their grains and grits too. Unfortunately, I was using their Alpharetta location. Laurie Moore emailed me recently and said that they are looking in Roswell....Let's hope!