Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tequila Lime Chicken and Curried Couscous

My first meal back from the beach that I actually cooked was Tequila Lime Chicken and Curried Couscous. I'm not sure when we started liking couscous so much, but we've been eating it about once a week for the last several months. Perhaps because its the only whole wheat pasta I can feed my husband without him going "bleeeeeeh!"?

The chicken is easy. A shot of tequila, lime juice and lime zest, salt and pepper. Marinate for about twenty minutes, then bake or grill. We prefer the taste of grilled, but someone said was too hot to stand by the grill and cook the chicken, so I baked it instead.

The couscous is also ridcously easy. I sweat some chopped onion and garlic in a sauce pan with olive oil, then I add a big heaping tablespoon of curry powder (We love curry). Cooking the powder a bit helps open up the flavor. Add the water and wait for it to boil. Then add the couscous, and remove from the heat. Cover it with a lid and let it sit for a few minutes. This is when I chop veggies for a salad. If you have any pre-cooked veggies (I like peas), you can add them with the couscous. Sometimes I like to toss it with some chopped parsley from the garden.

This meal takes hardly any time at all and tastes so, so good.

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Ani Cheval said...

Mmm! Sounds delicious!