Sunday, July 27, 2008


So this morning, I went outside to get my newspaper and glanced at my kitchen garden, as I always do when I'm outside. "How cute!" I thought. "A fat, little monarch caterpillar is on my parsley. I wonder if caterpillars like parsley?"

A little later today, I go outside again and look.

Not one, but TWO Very Hungry Caterpillars have decimated my poor parsley plant. GAH!

So I did what any self respecting organic herb farmer would do: Scream like a girl, then pout and whine until her husband pulled them off and threw them into the side yard.

Jimmy is convinced that they were on a hot, caterpillar date.

My poor plant will recover (Just as it was getting nice and bushy too...I had plans for that parsley. PLANS!), and now I know what to plant if I ever decide to make a butterfly garden.


martyparty said...

We came home from vacation last week to find my parsley plants eaten down to nothing but stems.... With a couple of giant caterpillars on them. I didn't feel like dealing with them that night, so by morning they had moved on to the tomato plant next door...not for the plant but to coccoon on the wire cage. I guess the parsley dinner filled them up enough to move on to butterfly-dom. They hatched and flew away yesterday :)

Jeanette said...

I've had a problem with them as well. I go out to cut some parsley and Blah!!! Those things are scary looking. I ran away and held for my husband. After a thorough investigation of all my parsley plants they were taken away and hoping to NEVER come back. SCARY!!