Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've been so bad this weekend

And Field Good has greatly contributed to my food sins. This is a French bistro that's opened recently in Alpharetta. My husband went there for lunch on Friday, and insisted on going back on Saturday after a quick trip to the Alpharetta Farmers Market.

I started off so good, ordering the Asian shrimp salad, which they were out of. So I got the crab salad with avocado instead. This was heavenly. It was a nice chunky crab salad on a bed of greens with chopped tomatoes and avocados and a balsamic vinaigrette. My husband had a grilled vegetable panini. Friends that joined us for lunch had hot ham and cheese sandwiches on baguette, and croque monsier. Croque monsier is a ham and cheese sandwich, toasted, the topped with bechamel sauce and cheese, then popped under a broiler until it's brown and crispy.

The problem came with dessert. As all French bistros should, it had a dizzying array of beautiful crafted desserts. It was almost impossible to choose one. I finally ended up with a little dome of chocolate raspberry mousse covered in dark chocolate ganache. I should have brought my camera. It was beautiful. My husband had a miniature peach tart. They had many other desserts too, including a tempting array of pies, pastries and other mousses.

I was surprised that the sandwiches and salads weren't fresh made. Instead, you picked them out of a refrigerator case and they were warmed or topped as needed. But the guy behind the counter (with his French accent) was very willing to jump out and help you make selections and explain unfamiliar menu items.

It doesn't seem like many people have found this gem yet, despite glowing reviews in the AJC and multiple awards from the Taste of Alpharetta festival. I don't think that will last long though. This place has amazing food.

I definitely want to go back and sample more of the menu, including the croque monsier, which sounds so good it should be illegal. I think this will probably turn into our standard dessert stop after an evening out with friends.

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