Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grillin' and Chillin'

Alright, so after canceling any and all plans for Saturday, I FINALLY have time to sit down and update this thing again. Whoo.

I think what this blog desperately needs, besides more consistent posting, is pictures. So I'm buying batteries for my digital camera tomorrow when we go grocery shopping and will soon have many luscious pictures of yummy food for all of you.

I often wonder why we go out to eat so much. I can make food just as good at home and for far cheaper. Tonight was a prime example. We had grilled chicken, baked beans and caprese salad.

The chicken was marinated in the zest and juice of one lemon, mixed with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil before grilling. The caprese salad was made with a gorgeous fresh mozzarella I bought at Trader Joe's last week, some tomatoes I had on hand (Oh, how I long for the fresh tomatoes from my garden. Soon my darlings, soon...) and fresh plucked basil from my small kitchen garden. The baked beans were a cheat. Just an ordinary can of Bush's vegetarian baked beans, warmed in the microwave. We even took a can of pina colada mix from the freezer and made frozen drinks, the kind that cost ten bucks at your fruiter restaurants. Nothing that took much time or skill to prepare, but so good and full of flavor, I wonder why I go out for meals on weekends? Oh yeah, because I have frequent attacks of laziness and will do anything to avoid cleaning up after myself.

Still, I managed tonight to feed myself for a change and I'm pretty happy about that.

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