Thursday, May 29, 2008

Everyone's got one of these

It seems like you can't throw a rock here without hitting a strip mall. And it seems like every other one has some sort of reasonably priced, family owned Mexican place. We ate one of these tonight: El Porton Mexican.

One of my co workers seems to have an endless appitite for Mexican food and margaritas. Once in awhile, she'll insist that we accompany here to El Porton and eat queso and drink margaritas with her after work. There are worse things a co worker can make you do.

Anyways, the neighbor place we go to is El Porton. It's close, cheap and the margaritas are tasty. That's pretty much all there is to recommend it. The service borders on negligient. The food is filling, if not particularly good or inspired. I took my husband there tonight. I had enchiladas. He had fajitas. Both were very servicable, if not memorable.

Will we be back? Very likely. However, it's not a patch on Ceviche or even Marquitos.

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