Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So why a food blog?

Why on earth do I need a blog entirely about food? Because I am obsessed with it. If I'm not at work, I'm thinking about food. I read cookbooks and food blogs for pleasure. I plan menus in my head and tweak recipes I'm considering. I practice cooking, the way a doctor or lawyer practices , in that I am constantly studying in an attempt to improve myself. Not surprisingly, I have a bit of weight problem. We won't discuss that too often here, though.

My food posts are, in my opinion, over taking my personal blog that I keep at LiveJournal. So rather than continue to abuse my poor friends, who only want updates about my life, or my fandom (I am a big Wheel of Time enthusiast. We probably won't talk about that here either.) As I've been reading, I've noticed lots of food blogs out there, like The Amateur Gourmet or The Slow Cook, who are fascinating to read. I've also discovered Atlanta area restaurant review blogs. The problem is that i can't find anything that is about where I live, the northern suburbs of Atlanta. There is terrific food downtown, absolutely. But what about the food up here in Roswell? So I write about where I live and work and eat.

I'm not a trained writer. Nor am I chef or restaurant reviewer. I'm just someone who is deeply passionate about food and wants to share that.

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